The Foundation for Indic Philosophy and Culture (Indic Foundation in short) was established in 2001 as a nonprofit 501 (c)-3 organization to promote Indic art, culture, philosophy and religions through education.

Over the last two decades, the Indian presence in the West has risen dramatically. There are more than 800 Hindu temples in the United States, ashrams and meditation centers have mushroomed in various parts of the country, and nationally recognized institutes for yoga and Ayurveda have emerged in the last few years. Indian music and dance festivals are a staple of the annual cultural calendar of all major urban centers. What remains to be developed, however, is a strong academic presence for Indian religions and culture. This is extremely important for our well-being as a community. It is academic centers, through their influence on everything from think tanks to federal government subcommittees, that affect policies towards South Asia and attitudes toward Americans of South-Asian origin.

In light of the massive shifts in geo-political, immigration, and domestic agendas that have come to the fore after September 11, 2001, it is imperative that we have representation at influential academic centers. The purpose of the Foundation for Indic Philosophy and Culture is to identify and fund institutions that would provide the appropriate academic environments and support systems for the establishment of programs in Indic philosophy and cultural studies—studies that are faithful to the cultural experience of the Indian community.